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Originally Posted by grey_moon View Post
Hoo hoo a little more older then that, I mean the 4GB DDR PCI things. Basically they are just memory with a battery to keep the data alive. The benefit of them apart from speed is that they can take many writes which nand can't do. The problem with them is they are bleeping expensive for what u get. U need the card which is over 100 USD and then 4GB of memory which is cheaper now I guess, but not cheap compared to conventional storage.

I remember chatting to some people about it in a linux expo. They were trying to come up with some method of "nuking" their hard drives for what ever reason. I pointed these out to them and said if you remove the battery then if any one powers it off for what ever reason it will be real hard to recover any of the data.

Hee hee thinking about it, it is a solid state hard disk isnt it and the above example is a sata one and when I was reading up about them, they interfaced via the PCI slot.
That is kind of neat. It is much like a solid-state hard drive but by using RAM. The RAM is being powered so that it (they) hold memory. I wonder how long the charge is good for when powering and maintaining the charge in RAM?
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