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I disagree with you all.
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So in MMOs it's common to re-fight, or "farm" a boss for some purpose, usually loot, so let's say a group of players want to re-fight the boss of floor 1 from ep 2, for loot, would this possible?, and if yes is there a limit to how many times players could do this?
As far as we know, once a floor boss is gone, it's gone forever.

Unrelated Question are "rare loot" items, like the cloak Kirito got, do they have special stats not normally found on items, or do they simply offer more stats than other items might offer?
Who knows? It's not even entirely clear how stats work in SAO.

Also are such items only available from bosses, or are there chances to find items of that quality at much lower rates on other enemies?
Kirito will eventually leave that coat behind and get a better one. And I don't think all his coats come from floor boss drops. In fact, one of them was crafted.
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