Thread: Licensed + Crunchyroll To Love-ru -Trouble- Darkness [anime]
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It may be weird but I wanted to watch this for story (That's why I didn't read the manga yet as its mostly about you know what).
However after seeing the preview on sankaku, I'm gonna wait for atx version or br. I may not care about boobs and panties and other ecchi overload, however when 90% of material is aliens trying to give you light signals trough your animu, I'm gonna pass.

Where did go the normal funny censorship, you know the *stickers* most of the time containing some funny faces, some warning or some pet, sticked all over no-no material, that would get unsticked on BR/DVD.
But no after the new law in Tokyo or something, everywhere we get that light rays, which just looks bad. I don't care about censorship, but when 20% of my screen or even more is a white bulb to hide some small part, it gets me pissed.
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