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You know I could have sworn they mentioned Hisui once before, so she is the sister of Jenny. I forgot about her too though...

The plot thickens indeed...

EDIT: Found where Hisui is first mentioned. Chapter 384 Pages 16-17
I think she may have been mentioned a couple of times. I thought there was an earlier mention, but I could be totally wrong about this. After all, Hata-sensei casually drops names and imagery that come into importance years later, thus it is easy to lose when these things were seen/mentioned. ^_^;;;

I wonder if Hata-sensei will go ahead and push forward with Nagi returning to the mansion right away rather than waste time on a lot of gag chapters. I do like how the residents of Yukari-chan House, as seen in CTMEOY, get a blurb to keep them in the apartment house, thus linking with CTMEOY.
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