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I guess the best question to ask now is who Hisui will find as her potential candidate. If we look at the people with King Jewels already. There is Aika, but seeing as she has a close relationship with Mikado, I don't think she would be valid. There is the one Hayate's brother has. But seeing as we don't know where he is (for now) and I am sure Hisui isn't aware of him anyway, I'd cross him out for now. That leaves Wataru. With Hisui being a childhood friend of Nagi, the possibility of Wataru being one too is high, plus as far as we know (I think. Someone correct me if I am wrong) his business is still so-so and Hisui could use that to manipulate him somehow (Poor boy). Wataru seems like the likely person, but say it is a completely different person, then what makes him/her qualified and to answer that question I guess we should also ask what exactly made Ruka unqualified then. So there you guys go. (Boy did that get complicated!)
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