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Originally Posted by AstroNerdBoy View Post
She's no longer in debt, thus any desire to get the treasure to fix her debt are gone. Getting the treasure for Hayate's sake would not constitute an act of greed, so that rules his debt out as well.

Plus, she's no longer living at Yukari-chan House and is busy with her idol life, so I think that's the nail in Ruka's candidate coffin.
Doh! I don't know why I didn't think that (Not enough sleep probably).

So I can't think of anyone else in need of money, so Wataru seems like the most likely candidate and its about time that King Jewel is relevant somehow(Though I guess that depends on what Hisui wants to talk about with Mikado-- If that is what the "him" refers to. Hmm...). If this is what happens I am game. I'd very much like to see Wataru and Saki again.

Also I finally figured out the what the name Hisui reminded me of... Tsukihime.
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