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Originally Posted by Woodfins90 View Post
What do you think of the Halo series? Tell me weather you liked it or not.
One is an accidental success and really what jump-kicked the X-Box control-scheme for FPS's. Proof that the controller works for the genre. You only get two weapons, grenades on left trigger and melee. That's a pretty nifty control scheme for a shooter. The wonky physics was fun. The pistol accidentally balanced the game. Certain weapons were just absolutely useless. Loved it in spite of its many flaws.

Two was rushed and horrible. In many ways. Single Player was terrible. Multiplayer had to be patched, and even then, you had a lot of problem with game balance and the matchmaking system. The removal of the pistol, was ironically, actually a step backward. Story was okay, I guess. But my standards for storytelling are pretty low for shooters. There's also actually evidence that the programmers cut corners on the bullet spread for SMG's and shotguns. (They shot in an even circle with bullets missing the center. Go figure.)

Three is what Halo 2 should have been. But by this point, the franchise has been beaten to death. That's not to say the multiplayer isn't good, but it's somewhat disenchanting to realize that they're not bringing back stronger mid-ranged combat, fall damage or the health meter. Battle rifle and carbine are still somewhat weaker than I had hoped, so the game is still somewhat power-weapon and sprayer oriented, but thankfully, not as bad as it was in Halo 2. At any rate, many of the balance issues that plagued the second were fixed. I still wish they had hidden number ranks and give EXP based on kill spread and assists for slayer type games. (Kill spread is the number of kills you scored minus your deaths. Meaning, that you actually *score points* for your team in a slayer game.)

Also, in Halo 3, people *still* can't drive the Warthog on Valhalla for half-a-damn. This invariably means that my brother and I can farm a good number of kills towards the endgame when all the vehicle-killers have been scattered.

Just so you know, I hate the regenerating health fad that most FPS's seemed to have picked up. I prefer a health bar. But to avoid a long rant, I think the game design possibilities are better for health-based FPS's.
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