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Yeah, I was pissed too when they replaced the health bar. Without it, you have the choice to become more reckless with your attacks, since you can just recover the shield. While it makes gameplay more eventful, there is less "skill" involved somehow, as in most FPSs battles are short and exciting, and you die much easier.
Specifically, it gimps objective games and "Blood Gulch" type games where you want the game to be about running battles and skirmishes. Moving from point A to point B becomes a game of health management. So you are more severely punished for being ambushed as you are that much less effective for having been wounded. Likewise, you are rewarded for maximizing your use of terrain.

This is important because it forces you to think about long-term gain. The lack of health kind of downplays the significance of getting in the first shot. Sort of reduces the significance of having to maneuver into an advantageous position. I prefer this far over the slobbering frat-sprayer mentality that Halo seems to attract.

So you got hit once by a sniper rifle? Too bad. You're definitely not capping the flag this spawn (or scoring that extra kill).

Finally, health packs can be placed as "weapons." Why game developers have never adopted the mentality of treating health packs like an "extra gun" is beyond me. It gives you extra staying power in the middle of the field when you've been wounded. Hence, it gives players something to fight over.
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