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Fascinating! In Gabriela Senki, it often had illustrations of the siege machines, formations, and such that were used in the volume near the end of the book; I'm surprised and genuinely, honestly pleased that the author's carrying over that quirk into this new series of his. I also love it when the author sticks to details; I don't find myself bothered with it as long as it adds to the immersion, with regards to both tension and mood. I love it when a story builds itself up with focus on details, it makes the story more engaging to read and easier to imagine.

Knowing MF Bunko J though, this is bound to have some harem antics as comic relief...does it detract from the main story (like it does with Vanadis)? Are those comic harem moments abundant or few?

My apologies for my slew of questions, especially if they're getting bothersome, but I am rather intrigued by this series.

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