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Make it day 0 as lessons haven't started yet and you got a deal. xD
Anya hold in for a very long time though. Only snapped once her father was mentioned. Good thing Damian stepped on Becky's toe else she would have gotten 3 thunders at the start of the new school year! I can't wait to see how Twilight will try to salvage this situation and how Anya will try to either be an excellent student using her cheat powers of mind reading or how to make peace with Damian and befriend him for Plan B. Though I am pretty sure the father is so paranoid he won't allow house visits anyway.
Also pretty sure Damian is not getting much attention from his family so once Anya can read his mind in that regards due her lonely upbringing she might sympathize with him. What Damian needs are real friends who befriend him for who he is not for who his father is. Given that Anya hit him despite knowing how important he is to Twilight's plan speaks a lot for her. I could see them ending up as friends some time down the line. But for now Anya gotta withstand a lot of teasing, maybe even worse depending on the damage on Damian's honor and his family. Heck, for all we know his big bro might enter the scene aka "are you so weak you got send flying by such a little girl?".
Well, next chapter gonna be interesting, either it is a chapter at home where the family tries to recover from this disaster and prepare for the first day or is is the first day at school or it is a mix of both. It won't be boring that much is certain.^^
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