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Ch. 25 was great! Loved Anya's 4th wall breaking especially because you know she actually ISN'T breaking the fourth wall but just acting like it as if she were in a cartoon. XDDD
Becky falling hard for Anya's daddy is awesome! He needed a fangirl and now Becky got a perfect reason beside the doggy to want see her family and given her family's standing and position as military industrial CEO Loid himself might be interested in getting ties with her family. Becky got good taste in men. <3
Really liked Damian's struggle in impressing his dad. That his father didn't even cared that his son got socked into the face on his first day speaks volume for what kind of man he is and how devoid of affection and attention Damian's life must have been. No wonder he loves his dog so much. Even the Butler Jeeves (at least I assume he is a Butler) feels sorry for him and rather lies than tell his young master the truth.
The Art class was great with how Becky made a Loid puppet and told her "elegant" teacher off by telling the truth: Humans are Animals. XD
But boy, Anya sucks so much at art... she's not great in sports, math, language, philosophy and now even art ain't her thing. Is there any teaching class she is good at? D:
Though it was sweet how she tried to help Damian with his project and she certainly was more in the spirit of the actual task which was to share and help each other and not hoard all the materials for yourself like Damian did. And funnily enough it did won first price with the teacher at the end being like "why....". XDDD
Hope we get a little more school arc next chapter in two weeks or something with Becky and Anya getting closer.^^
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