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As long as Becky doesn't fall for Damian Anya's future household is safe. :P

I wonder when we will get to learn more about the other kids in class. Like none of them look like a "mob" like in regular school SoL mangas where most have same body build, face and hair style; here they got distinguish outwards appearances of noses, eyes and hair and facial expressions. We see that some like to mock Anya for wearing her Stella in school, while others seem distressed and unwell, some sit with friends, some alone. And this time we had a girl speak up for Anya's defense when Damian got rude to her (though to be fair it did look like she was actively sabotaging him XD), so I don't think it gonna stay with Becky&Anya vs Damian&Emile&Ewin for the whole class for long. Anya might get more friends or even admirers whereas Damian already got buttkissers lying up and probably one girl or more who might fall for him and possibly be jealous of the attention Scion-kun gives Anya the whole time.
Just a guess of mine though.^^
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