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I didn't meant "learn more" as in full fledged side characters but more like in School Rumble where do everyone having names and not looking samey and us knowing their hobbies, likes, crushes, etc. making SR feel one of the most "alive" school mangas ever. Like the too serious Class Rep, the small delinquent with the large hairdo, the pervert Buddha and his followers, the cute wrestle fangirl, the happy-go-lucky-couple-that-should-just-drop-dead-wait-is-she-cheating-on-him?, the girl skirt chaser and ofc the cool loner delinquent and the clique of girls that were the main focus of the story.
Lots of series based in schools are basically MC and the girls lusting after his D, maybe a friend or two and that's it, the rest is background at best, sometimes not even that is there.
And SxF seems to do the same, a bit at least, with a girl standing up for Anya right now, others badmouthing Anya and trying to kiss up to Damian and others criticizing for being full of herself, etc.
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