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If her power is moon-related then it will play a part later during the story for sure. Like meeting someone new for the first time and she cannot read his mind while he is planning to sabotage her dad's mission and she finds out about that only later after meeting said person again.

Gotta say, Damian doing a perfect "heh" imitation of Anya had me in stitches, it was great! Same with Anya doing the evil laughter, I am so worried for her though, no way I can see her getting 4 or even one Stella during this test... I actually worry how many Tontrius she gonna get...

The Best part of this chapter was Bond eating a Yor cookie and laying dead and motionless next panel when Twilight was walking in, it was just done so matter-of-factly that I spit all over my desk. I love this joke to death. XDDD
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