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Originally Posted by Terrestrial Dream View Post
The demo was ok, the second part was bit annoying since they force you to carry 4 weapons. I actually can't wait to play the real game with reduced weight.
If the multiplayer is any indication (since it uses the same weapon customization system as the SP), you are only required to carry a minimum of one weapon. Which means that you can run around with just a Heavy Pistol and have 2-3 second power cooldown times as a result. I actually tried it out as an Adept in MP, and being able to spam Warp with abandon is truly awesome

Originally Posted by MeoTwister5 View Post
BTW when/how does the demo multiplayer start? I can't seem to access mine.
The MP demo starts for everyone on the 17th. You only get early access to the MP demo if you've bought Battlefield 3 and have it linked to your Origin (PC) and/or Xbox Live (360) account.

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