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Originally Posted by Elestia View Post
Also just curious, did anyone try to the new look for FemShepard? Or did you stick to your previous incarnations instead? I gave the new look a good examining, but I can't say I am thrilled about the freckles dotting her face.
I was surprised actually. I didn't watch many trailers lately so if they advertised her new look, I didn't see it. All I can say is that it wasn't to my liking and got back to her previous design. Glad to see her voice acting is as awesome as ever though.

Concerning the demo itself, it was good. Atmosphere is the usual ME stuff. Really liked the new update concerning combat gameplay, but using X for both rolling and cover brings some issues from time to time. And the animation movement is... a bit stiff. It's been a while since I played ME2 so I can't say if it's the same, better or worse. The dropping down looks a bit silly, as if the character isn't heavy at all. But all in all, nothing that will make the game less interesting. My favorite Vanguard class got an major update, the Nova. Man what an interesting new power. It will be a major help if two enemies are close to me and I want to pull out from them as soon as possible.

I loved the moment when Wrex was saying to Liara that he really appreciates her involvement in the mission, and then Garrus suddenly coughs as to not forget him too. ^^

P.S. Ashley got a major ''beauty'' implant.
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