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Originally Posted by com_gwp View Post
If you liked conviction this one honestly doesn't seem all that different, most of the key mechanics from there seems to stay intact here from what i noticed. Because it was a big press event, they obviously wanted to show the improved gunplay and action in the demo, but otherwise the stealth, like conviction, is there.
Correct; feel free to take a look at this Gamespot demo, wherein the dev rep not only explains that yes, there is plenty of opportunity for stealthy players, but the asymmetrical Spies vs. Mercs will be returning. Anyone remember that presentation of Deus Ex: HR where they played through a portion of a level three different times, each with a different focus (action, stealth, exploration)? Ubisoft would be wise to put out something like that to reassure old-school SC players that yes, their beloved stealth mechanics (like the sticky shocker) are here.
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