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Originally Posted by The Small One View Post
I just wonder why the ex-fullbringers are training for SS.
Okay, they may be dead now, but weren't they enemies of SS? IMHO it would make more sense for them trying to become allies of the Vandenreich.
Well, correct me if I'm wrong but..., souls in Bleach don't have memories of when they were alive...or they shouldn't. We saw Rukia and Renji as children and they had only talked about life from when they were children in Rukongai, poor people at that.

Of course the counter to that is the boy from episode 4/chapter 6 or so...the boy that was sealed in a parrot. When the group arrived in Soul Society the first time, Chad met the boy again and the boy remembered him... so... hm.

I'm more irked that the Fullbringers still have their clothes from when they were's as if they never left =P
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