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Even if he is Isshin why would Ichigo meeting the Spirit King make him sad. Shouldn't meeting the Spirit King be an honor?
"uncle" Isshin would be sad because he prolly doesnt want Ichigo to fight and risk his life anymore and going to the Royal Palace will only mean more hardships for Ichigo .And he prolly doesnt want another of his son to die just like Kaien (considering that their relatives and such)
Thats why Urahara told him to do what he wants and dont let others influence his decision so he wont regret it in the future .

Or maybe because "uncle" Isshin had some bad memories being one of the Royal Guards(or even much higher ranking than that , if there ever is one )

And the Soul King could really be a loli or the likes , considering the attitudes/traits of those that protect him/her (the Royal Guards) are quite unique and messed up .

And probably why those dead fullbringers are training in SS , is because maybe their memories got wiped out because they got killed by Soul Reapers(as an effect of being killed by those zanpakutos).
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