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Actually the idea that everybody was supposed to die in SEED was avoided because it felt too ridiculous for a TV series and voice actors grew attached to the character. Kira dying at the last second would go the idea that since he was "mankind's sin" he had to die totally killing the morale. What everybody had been telling him all along was that he was the same as the others not a guy from another universe.

There are times in the SEED Destiny films that the characters feel the same thing is happening again such as Shinn realizing he is the one invading Orb putting civilians in danger (not to mention he was fighting Kira in Freedom) becoming the type of person he hated.

Also, Durandal's plans are all based on his thoughts involving the First Bloody Valentine War. He got Meer because he wanted to people's attention in the same way as Lacus did in SEED. When talking about Shinn's SEED factor he compares him with Kira and wonders whether he could defeat him (even though Archangel hadn't appeared yet). I think it's in the final confrontation that Durandal tells Kira that the world went back to the war despite all his actions in the first war.
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