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Originally Posted by Mr. DJ View Post
I'm sure there are good ideas, but those fatasses don't want to let go of the cake.

-ending the Bush Tax Cuts
-stop with these billion dollar breaks some of these companies are getting (looking at your fat ass Big Oil)
-stop over inflating the military budget
-get the fuck out of the middle east so we can focus on problems here at home and if we do have to ship out, it should only be because our help is requested
-invest in research technologies at home and stop sending shit to China or where ever
We can agree to disagree on the whole "good ideas" thing ..

Ultimately, over the past several decades, the U.S. population as a whole, not just the government, has wildly overspent. So what does that mean -- well.. it's supposed to mean a long period of deleveraging and resultant slow economic growth and massive structural changes.. So, a generation of people with outdated skills. Prolonged unemployment exceeding 10%. Need I go on?

BUT .. will the average U.S. citizen be okay with that? Will China be okay with one of it's largest consumers not spending? There's always unintended consequences. There are very smart people all scratching their heads trying to figure this out .. to expect a politician to have any good ideas (let alone something simple enough to explain to the electorate) is, from my viewpoint, silly.
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