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Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
No doubt Koshien is a major milestone in the series, but for me everything builds to the point where Kou and Aoba finally get past their demons and stubbornness and stupidity and admit they love each other. Chu! Even Koshien takes a back seat to that if you're talking about the dramatic climax of the show.

No, not a spoiler - haven't read the manga. just a hope.
Good point. I see CG more as a slice of life/school/romance type of series than a baseball one, however I have also grown to appreciate the baseball aspect of the show and just baseball in general. As I have said before, this show does a lot of things well, including the baseball aspect of it (IMO).

Originally Posted by sunwen View Post
40g of Pitching
25g of Batting
15g of Death cook
5g of Covering embarrassment
95kg of Hard to say I love Koh
That would make Aoba over 200+ lbs of pure muscle... I mean how else can she throw a fast ball like that? She's gotta be somewhat beastly.
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