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Originally Posted by JackRydden224 View Post
Has Adachi ever paired up the main couple before the series ends? Yes or no answer please (since I"m still on ep 83 of touch).
Yes, it has happened.

Originally Posted by JackRydden224 View Post
*Speaking of touch, Kashibawa has made the last 15 episodes or so soooo annoying to watch.
You will turn to appreciate what the character provides the show with. Interesting stories need interesting bad guys. In the case of Touch, the manga (especially the ending) is way above the anime, from my view. You should give it a chance if you appreciated the anime.

Speaking of manga to anime adaptations, I won't detail it here but I just re-read Cross Game around the point the anime reached and I was surprised by how many little differences there are in the way that Valentine Day was depicted in both versions. More to talk about in the manga thread.
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