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Originally Posted by AuraTwilight View Post
And yes, Forgery of the Golden Witch was written before the release of EP6's translation. Though Kinjo can read Japanese so I'm not sure if he's read the episode at that point.

Also, a warning. You can't trust any of your usual assumptions from the canonical gameboards. That will screw you over.

The personality skews are one part artistic license to make his personal Gameboard work, and one part a result of this being his first major writing project.
Huh? It doesn't look that different at all, other than minor things. I'll take your word for it though. Thanks for telling me.

If he hasn't read 7 and 8 at this point, then that means that using data from those episodes isn't going to help me anyway. It just confused me, because there's that disclaimer about EP8 spoilers. I assume the spoilers are in the later episodes.

I'm really becoming more and more impressed as I keep reading. The fourth and later twilights have started, and all I can say is that this is magnificent.
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