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Originally Posted by SeagullCrazy View Post
Yeah, it was written before EP6 was translated, but I had read it in Japanese first. Though I had a general idea of what happened, I didn't feel comfortable enough including stuff from it in Forgery, so there aren't any real EP6 spoilers in the first one.

And as Aura said, don't be afraid to doubt some assumptions about the standard rules of Umineko, as you could say my gameboards are merely theories come to life. Whether or not they were accurate wasn't my concern, and since there was no way to prove it one way or another I just did what I could and wrote it anyway. It was interesting to see what I got wrong, but also what I happened to get right.
One thing I've found quite interesting is that, thus far, Battler has never witnessed Shannon and Kanon at the same time, not even once. Did you already figure out the ShKanon theory when you wrote Forgery? I didn't understand it until I read EP7, and even then it took me a while to sort through that information properly.

Also, the multi-layered nature of the game board seems to be followed to the letter. All of the main premises of Beato's game board seem to be here, and that's why I was confused as to exactly how much it does differ.

But, I really must say, this is already easily within the top 5% of fanfiction. Usually, when I'm looking for a good fanfic, I have to sort through mountains of crap first, so the fact that my first Umineko fanfic is a good one, is quite refreshing.

EDIT: Not only that but you already had the epitaph figured out before reading EP7. I cannot express how amazing that is to me.
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