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Makes me wish I had been there. It sounds like it must have been amazing.
I missed out on it too. The fourth Fan-EP is basically the history of Kinjo's experiences in the Umineko Fandom put into VN format, so you'll get to read about the first few 4chan RP threads, /seacats/ and the Golden Gameboard...good times, man, good times.

Well, I didn't rule out the possibility of seeing illusions in the final telling of the story, but it's true that there probably wouldn't be a point to it if there was.
The Fan-Gamemaster's finally telling is the absolute truth of that gameboard. Kinjo's style reveals all the truths at the conclusion of each individual games, so you shouldn't be left with lingering questions.

The funny thing is, Meta!Battler actually seemed to be fairly in-character. It's only Piece!Battler that seemed really skewed. The fact that an entire forum could be turned into a convincing BATTLER-ish personality is just more credit to Kinjo, I guess.
Hehe, that was kind of a gag. The MAIN arguer, though not the only one involved, is Butler/Meta-Battler, one of Kinjo's close friends and one of the best mystery debaters on the old forums. Piece!Battler is literally the username of a user from /Seacats/ who didn't get involved in the mystery games much, so that scene was a reference to when the two of them teamed up to tackle a problem, which was miraculous.
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