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Ep8 is like heaven for Karen's fans. I means the toothbrush screen got everyone attention. But then we also have:
  • embarrassed Karen when she showed off in skirt the first time
  • the screen when she said her onii-chan is hotter than fire and she's in love
  • the way when she jump in and squeeze her body against Koyomi with such joyful outburst
  • she bite her tongue when 1st requested to be introduced to Kanbaru
  • her cheerful smile when was stepped on and wish to lick her brother's toes
  • her aerobic landing and that proud face
  • doing a hand-stand, and try to keep her skirt up to cover her panties
  • keep divert her eyes away when she thought Koyomi is looking at her

Too many good screens which was overshadowed by toothbrush...

Somehow it seems she loved him all along, but with mixing emotions as the siblings are fairly close even without romantic feelings. The kiss in her arc somehow ignited it up, and maybe she just want more of Koyomi's affection...
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