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Originally Posted by Guido View Post
The Dark Lord Goes on a Date with His Colleague in Shinjuku

More funny moment intertwined with a twisted development; Emi gets more pouty and hot tempered than ever in Hero mode.

But, the delight comes when we see Chiho and Emi getting ready for the best b***h catfight over misunderstanding each other's reasons to get closer to Maou.

Ashiya gets more bonus point for 1) fitting Maou with the appropriate clothes for the ocassion, and 2) tailing Maou from the distance on the latter's date.

Ok. Maou explains the technical aspect of the magic that enabled Chiho to hear two nights ago a strange voice; a voice coming from both Emi and Maou's world, but Chiho is able to understand the language. Mhhh.....

I think Chiho would be made used by the unseen assailant in latter episodes, but for now we have grounded the root that causes the earthquakes, magic. And, it happens a big one turns at a bad timing when Maou and Chiho are dating.

After the earthquake subsides, Emi and Chiho were more or less make ammends or putting themselves in a temporarily truce, but the heroine warns the gullible child not to get drawn to Maou, unless she'll suffer badly.

But, guess what happens? Maou not only returns to his demonic form with all and magic, but he's actually sacrificing himself for others and taking care to have Chiho rescued, much to Emi's shock and denial.

Poor hero! What's going to happen to her role as Hero, if Maou completely turns to the good side?
I have a better question: What will happen to her sanity when it turns out he was never the bad guy?
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