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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
It's really more like Japan finally caught on to the fact that the straight Evil Demon Lord archetype is overused especially in the realm of fantasy stories and games (something which Japan loves way too much), and so now they can do something different by having the Maou's actually be misunderstood good guys instead.
Also I have a feeling in this situation it's partly a result of different mindsets. When you're a powerful, near-immortal being, why would you care about a people who, at most, would live only fifty years if they're lucky?

What was it that someone else said? To understand the perspective of a human, you have to spend time AS a human. And that's exactly what happened in this case; in his time as a down-in-his luck bum, Maou's now experienced what it's like as one of the people he likely didn't even give a thought about. Rather than get bitter and angry about it, he's picked up sympathy and a bit of compassion.

Unrelated: Wouldn't it be funny if Chi-chan turned out to be a better overlord than Sadao?
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