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Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo View Post
Someone mentioned the hands seeming poorly done last week, and since I particularly loved the hands in episode 1, I looked carefully this week. I find the way hands are blobby but extremely well animated once they move very interesting. I think this is part of the visual structure of the show, one of the ways Yamakan came up with to keep costs down while still providing occasional KyoAni awesomeness.
I've heard of foot fetish, but could this be the beginning of a new brand of hand fetish?

Really the only thing I've noticed in terms of animation fluctuation is sometimes the faces get a little weird, nothing overtly Yashigani, but....weird. If your looking for something where the artstyle flucuates in distinctive manners to create visual symbolism (arguably in a good way) you'd probably want to check out Gurren-Lagann, which has an art style that shifts in and out of various forms of exposure, lighting and colour palletes depending on the mood of the scene. It's kind of like when you get the one random scene in Lucky Star that's animated differently from the usual pastel style, only with different atmosphere and quite a bit longer.

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