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Originally Posted by TinyRedLeaf View Post
Konata: "All the male otakus say, they want a girlfriend who shares their otaku interests, or so they say on the message boards. But you never hear female otakus wanting to date an otaku, you know?"

I can almost hear the pin dropping with all the subtlety of a wrecking ball in otaku message boards worldwide. That's my favourite quote from this episode; had me laughing out loud.

Rest of the episode was quite fun too. While Patricia Martin does indeed sound cute, I actually find Misao's "accent" cuter.
LOL!!! Makes me wanna see the subs quickly!

Maybe unless the guy otaku buys otaku stuff for the girl otaku they can get along well. BTW in Genshiken Oguie and Sasahara are both Otaku's and their dating Konata "WINK"

Yep...Yep...Patty or Misao VA? I knew this would come soon Misao voice is the cutest among all the girls imho. Ever since the first time she said "Oi Hiiragi" that took me to like her even more. But I also like Patty since her ASSETS over throws Miyuki BIG TIME
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