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Although the only "mystery" anime I've seen are the Higurashi series (and i got hooked), I would recommend AGAINST letting her watch it. For the following reasons:

- She'll get a bad first impression about anime being only blood and gore/random killings (You wouldn't want that now would you?)
- The sensitivity of depicting children killing/being killed (Wouldn't want that either... no siree!)

It's not something someone like her (according to your description) would appreciate, really (YET). So for now, let her watch Death Note. Although I've never seen it, I know a couple of people who never watched anime (or as much as I do) and who like it. It is almost a guarantee that she will like it, or will be persuaded to like it (peer pressure ftw! manipulates her mind). And like qtipbrit92 said,
The fact that it's broadcasted on American television shows that it's had a lot of positive response from the American public
I agree 100% on that.

Give her some time watching Death Note (to build suspense), and then recommend some (ecchi-free) romance shows. That's sure to get her to like anime.
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