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Originally Posted by Practical joke View Post
I do agree on this one..

If you'd start showing death note to her, most of the other anime, if that ever happens, she'll watch might be dissapointing.
But then again this almost always the case when you are trying to introduce someone to a genre or medium, you have to show them something that's pure quality, to make them see some of the best features of this genre/medium. I got addicted to anime by watching FMP:Fumoffu and Noir and they remain my favourite comedy and action/drama respectively to this day which does not stop me from enjoying other series of inferior quality.

Anyway, dunno about the OP's wife but I for one will check out Kaze no Yojimbo, so thanks to the peopel who recommended it.

I still think Monster is a better choice than Death Note as it less "animeish", so to speak and even though childhood is a very important theme in it, the vast majority of the cast are adults. Maybe the original poster can strike a deal with his wife to watch only the first major story arc which is about the length of a single season and continue only if the wife likes it.

She'll get a bad first impression about anime being only blood and gore/random killings
Random killings? You mean like the hundred of those in the first episode of Death Note?
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