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I finally thought the stupid triangle would be over. Now with all the Kazumi fans and neautral people thinking otherwise makes me uneasy on what actually happened.
Well, I think the triangle *is* settled. Sure, maybe they can stretch some relationship issues out in S3, but those last two scenes where Yoshida and Shana are clearly juxtaposed. We then see Shana looking grumpy, as if she's been waiting a while, and is trying to mask her nervousness and anxiety by being all gruff and annoyed. And *then* there's the recognition and the quick transition to the broad smile--really, what other conclusion can we come to? What, she ran into Wilhemina? Or Chigusa? Even though both are clearly implied to be doing different things at that moment? And in the context of that situation, I don't think Shana would smile like that if she just happened to run into Chigusa. A signal the season is over? Ummmm... no. Why pair it with the Kazumi scene, then? The whole ending sequence obviously implies actual actions by the characters at that time, not some kind of vague gesture to the audience. We first see the girls waiting, we see Yuji walking *with* the letters, etc., etc. I'm sorry; I find the idea that the triangle hasn't been settled to be absurd.

Really, that last scene was a wonderful tsundere moment for Shana. And one that clearly implied that she got her wish. The footprints scene may indeed be a setup for S3, but I believe it'll be one where the relationship conflicts work off of the premise of Yuji having made his choice. After all, even in the novels:
Spoiler for Novel spoiler just in case:

I for one enjoyed the season. A few episodes downright stunk, but this ep. redeemed the Konoe arc in *so* many ways. The ending song and scenes were *awesome*.

And although I assume that the ending of the series was left so ambiguous to allow for a S3, I for one liked the understated way the love triangle was handled. Yuji has never been terribly demonstrative of his feelings for Shana. Sure, there are plenty of hints, stretching back to S1, but the reunion at the end of S1, and the S1 episode where Yuji promises to stay by Shana's side are all very emotionally understated. We also very deliberately never get much of a window into his thought processes regarding Shana. This gives a few thin reeds for the Kazumi shippers to cling too.

J.C. Staff *did* botch his reactions during the infamous jealousy arc earlier this season, but take that away, and Yuji's character more or less works: an even-keel guy in love with Shana, but who thinks she only sees him as a comrade-in-arms, and one reluctant to dump Kazumi outright due to his general "niceness." The even-keel attitude fits well with his analytical abilities. Shana worsens the problems by continually denying her feelings, but with the letters, her confession *finally* happens. Now that I think about it, the girls pick the perfect way for Yuji to choose; nothing terribly dramatic, and one where there's as little awkwardness as possible between the three of them, but still, one where he *must* choose. I think it'd be terribly out-of-character for Yuji to make some kind of elaborate and corny confession, and he doesn't really need to. He just needs to show up. And we can best see that *not* from his perspective, which is so rarely used when dealing with Shana, but by just showing Shana's tsundere reaction as she goes from being the impatient tough-girl to smiling and lovestruck. With the music, it really worked for me, as did the whole season.

Konoe's tears were also a nice touch. It was a fitting development for her character's development, stretching back to S1. I'm also happy Kazumi did *not* die. The series is just too upbeat, I think, for that to have worked as an outcome.
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