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Originally Posted by Endless Twilight View Post
I've been thinking of what characters should be included in a final poll, given the 19 spots plus 1 more for the "Other" option, and well, taking into consideration their plot relevance and screentime, this is what I came up with:

1. Edward Elric
2. Alphonse Elric
3. Van Hohenheim
4. Winry Rockbell
5. Roy Mustang
6. Riza Hawkeye
7. Alex Louis Armstrong
8. Olivier Mira Armstrong
9. Izumi Curtis
10. Ling Yao
11. Lan Fan
12. May Chang
13. Scar
14. Homunculus/Father
15. Wrath/King Bradley
16. Pride/Selim Bradley
17. Greed
18. Envy
19. Solf J. Kimblee
20. Other
These aren't bad choices actually. I can't think of anyone you missed. Just as a comparison this is the top 20 in Japan

1) Edward Elric
2) Roy Mustang
3) Ling Yao
4) Alphonse Elric
5) Riza Hawkeye
6) Envy
7) Greed
8) Ran Fan
9) Kimbley
10) Winry Rockbell
11) Olivier Armstrong
12) Selim Bradley
13) May Chang & Jean Havoc (Tied)
15) Maes Hughes (amazing staying power)
16) Scar and Arakawa
17) Alex Louis Armstrong
18) Xiao Mei & King Bradley (Tied)
20) Lust (also amazing staying power)

Yes I am shocked Van Hohenheim did not make the poll. What is wrong with Japan? I also feel Lust and Hughes must be influenced by the 1st anime.
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