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To be honest, at first, I thought the same as you. If you check, my first reaction wasn't favourable at all, but I think the idea regarding this choices is as I said (maybe - I can try confirming that, rather easily). In addition, if R07 really wanted to leave things up to the readers, he could always have left the possibilitiy of kakeras there, yet, he purposely eliminated it.

Of course, there's always the chance he's chickening out, but I honestly don't think so.
Ryukishi07 is a lot of things as a writer (most of which being some variation of the term "troll"), but a coward he most certainly is not.

Man, being challenged by one of the world's greatest trolls to break through his story sounds like a game worthy of being the climax of this story. Im seriously looking forward to it.

Really. If his desire is to hurl illusion and misdirection at us at the very end before reaching "the truth"...

Oh man. Let's say that it is a choice node format.

What if the win condition is to correctly replicate the events of Rokkenjimma Prime, and from there unlock the one "truth", thus revealing the true ending?

That'd be awesome. Man. Im burning up even more. December cant come soon enough.

Hey, Will, race ya.

You may not have guessed this by now, but I am ridiculously excited about this.
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