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Originally Posted by Urzu 7 View Post
They probably wouldn't have done that if more people bought PC games. I don't get why so many people pirate PC games. It isn't like it is a secret that that is kind of killing the PC gaming industry. : -\
You have entirely missed reality. Yes, it is true that there are more people who buy console games than PC games, but it has nothing to do with piracy.

The majority of the gamers on the planet have never played a PC game, let alone pirated one. A university professor who used Portal 2 as teaching material, found to his surprise that most of his students have no idea how to play the game using a keyboard and mouse.

The barrier for entry into PC gaming is high. Especially with getting the right hardware and keeping it up to date. The fact is most people play consoles, so most of the money is in consoles. To blame piracy is just a flat-out error.
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