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Originally Posted by Dist View Post
There is however, something I don't get. Lets take graphics for example.. To me it looks like Skyrim was more like made for consoles and then ported to PC. Why aren't games made in the opposite way? Make it for PC, and then optimize it for consoles so that PC gamers can get everything out of the game while all console users are stuck with the optimized ones.
It makes sense to start with the weakest platform because then you can guarantee that everyone gets the full game. If you go the other way, there is a very real danger you could reach hardware restrictions that forces you to remove features that were important, and as such crazy rebalancing them had to happen and waste time.

They made it clear that Xbox360 is the easiest of the platforms to code for. They just had to make sure Skyrim runs on 360, then just up the graphics setting for the others and change the control scheme for keyboard and mouse for PC.

Consoles need optimization for everything because really, it is all about compromises. PC games are more flexible so if they need to change things there, they can.

By the way, ALL the current footage of the game are from the 360. No one has seen the PC graphics yet.
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