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Originally Posted by Kaijo View Post
Aki, the 7 episodes I listed out, would pretty much be Force if Tsuzuki had it animated. As I said, 2-4 manga chapters per episode is standard. The only currently running series I could point you to that I watch, is Fairy Tail. You can see for yourself, if you watch that, that it takes 2-4 chapters per episode. What eats up time is talking and exposition; when you take combat from manga and put it into anime, you usually find that you've only used up very little time.
That's why i said "Why aren't you Tsuzuki T-T" the guy don't have a clue about plot economy xDU StrikerS speaked for itself and FORCE is now following a similar route. The 7 Episode chart was your design, not his's.

Originally Posted by Kaijo View Post
So, as I was trying to point out, we're only 7 episodes in. Given what we've learned and established so far (tons of characters, and their motivations and some of their backstories, as well as combat and several plot developments), you just can't call it slow. If this were a weekly anime, I guarantee, you wouldn't be calling it slow at all.
That's what i mean, if we take ONLY the necessary and significant portions of the plot we've only 5 episodes in and we'll already have 2 more episodes of pointless filler. And that's your version ...if Tsuzuki were on command we'll be alredy on Ep 11 with stuff like an entire episode dedicated to the Grendels goofing aroun in jail ...or Sonica and Cypha having a looong conversation while eating in a restaurant or stuff like that (gosh i still remember the long conversations between the forwards at RF6 cafeteria -_-).

Originally Posted by Kaijo View Post
At the very least, it's faster than StrikerS.
...not by much xDU

Somehow i have the feeling Striker would have a very similar pace to FORCE if it were in manga format, in fact, the StrikerS manga chapters felt a bit better made than the anime ones xD (just a bit, some of them still felt slow like the episode about finding the meaning of strenght, the theme of the subject was interesting but the episode itself felt sluggish).

Originally Posted by Slilent Type View Post
Well, Jail I am not sure about, but it was stated that the remaining numbers simply refuse to be rehabilitated. In SSX I believe there is yet another plea which they refuse.
That was only true for Sette and maybe Tre (not so sure about her) but Uno and Quattro were too intellectually involved in Jail's operation that they haven't received the same chance (i'm pretty sure Quattro would have "taken" the chance to be freed without second toughts xDU). The younger numbers were manipulated into following orders and that made easier for them to be spared but the older ones had motive and intention to commint their crimes making things legally harder for them. The same will apply to the Hucks, Stella and maybe Arnage can have some parole for being young girls in a dire situation (being infected) but the leading members have higher responsability not only for the crimes they purpousefully commited (specially since they've killed victims that are legally "innocent" and at the very minimum had provoked near-lethal injuries on some notable rank officers) but also for forcing and misguiding minors into cooperating with said crimes.

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In which part did I need a bunch of rejected Looney Tunes villains? That is all. Most of the stuff in Force don’t add to the story and creates filer. Hey, most of the scenes that aren’t related to the plot are just filer and a very boring one at that.
There must be something very bad happening with writing and/or pacing when some people starts finding the "Looney Tunes" villains more appealing than the main plot xDU

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