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Originally Posted by SOS-Brigade
Sorta an off-topic yet on topic question~
With those high-end parts, the power supply would need to be around
what Watts? 450? higher? , is it indeed higher the better? or....
yea a 450 seems nice enough. I once ran a 6800 ultra on a 250 watt just fine. hehe

but becareful when picking a power supply. sometimes watts dont mean jack. you have to look at how many amps are on the rails (12v, 5v, 3.3v) for a high end graphic card a psu with at least 20 amps on the 12v rail is recommended by nvidia and ati. in addition to looking at the amps, you have to becareful with what brand of power supply you choose. brands that i recommend are antec, enermax, ocz, fortan, and a few other companies that i dont remember. choosing a band company can mean frequent crashes, doa's, burn outs, waste of money, and even explosions!
sure you may say that your generic psu is working fine but dont think about using high parts or doing some overclocking with it...
if you really want a reliable psu then dont go cheap.
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