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Originally Posted by Kittie Rose View Post
Eris is an oft use character in general. Recent examples include having her as the villain of of a 2003 Sinbad film, and a character in the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. She was also the villain of the first Saint Seiya film, and some other Disney production I can't remember.

She's not an obscure Goddess by any means, the Discordians see to that.

I can't think of any norse Goddesses that get that kind of exposure. I know it's a bit of a wild theory, but you're being a little silly.

The problem here is that RAGNAROK is a popular myth everyone and their ferret knows about. But there are a lot of similar strands in greek mythology.
What do those have to do with an anime made by a Japanese company like Sunrise? Or Taniguchi, Okouchi, etc.? >_>
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