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Originally Posted by Kittie Rose View Post
Eris is an oft use character in general. Recent examples include having her as the villain of of a 2003 Sinbad film, and a character in the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. She was also the villain of the first Saint Seiya film, and some other Disney production I can't remember.

She's not an obscure Goddess by any means, the Discordians see to that.

I can't think of any norse Goddesses that get that kind of exposure. I know it's a bit of a wild theory, but you're being a little silly.

The problem here is that RAGNAROK is a popular myth everyone and their ferret knows about. But there are a lot of similar strands in greek mythology.
That's nice and all, but it has nothing to do with what I was asking. Just because she is a reletively well known goddess to some doesn't make her anymore likely to be an identity than anyone else.

I'm not being silly at all. Pretty much all the references to myths in this show were either Norse or the King Arthur myths and I doubt they are going to make true direct connections to them. There hasn't been any connections to Greek mythology at all and I think it would be rather random to start now.

I still am under the impression that she may have been a mortal at some point in her life, though I could easily be wrong.
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