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Just because she is a reletively well known goddess to some doesn't make her anymore likely to be an identity than anyone else.
It does, because a lot less people are going to shit bricks when they find out C.C. is Saria the Lesser, a small queen from Lichenstein.

This is not real life, it's an anime, and they play up what people know. Eris isn't as widely known as a lot of others, but she's still well known enough for someone who knows someone who's watching Code Geass to know.

I don't see where there are all that many norse references; except for the few that get thrown around in almost any fantasy series, or sci-fi series with fantasy elements.

And again, Greek Mythology is universal. Eris in particular transcends old pagan mythology being the figurehead of Discordianism. You use Linux? You know anyone that does? Get them to run the command "ddate". That's how much Eris pokes her nose into everywhere.

There haven't been any specifically "Greek" themes but we still have nearly half the series(at least, there could be an OVA, movie, etc., or even a third season).
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