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Mossy - the Ganymede was Marrianes KMF, Lelouchs mothers. Nina just so happened to have gotten her grubby lil mitts on it and turned it into a doomsday devie.

With regards to the Elizabeth theory, I have since looked deeper into it and the chronology.... is interesting.

Its possible that the USA existed, briefly for a decade or 2 before Elizabeth came in and ousted them. I have noticed that there is a general consensus that C.C was present during the rebbelion, all I have seen points to her having known Benjamin Franklin and he whose first name eludes me Washington.

Since Franklin defected, he could have been the one on Elizabeths side when she arrives in North America with refugees. Chronologicaly, they made Elizabeth III exist. She existed in the past and enough things are traced back to her to make her significant enough to be C.C.

That also covers the shock Lelouch had, either way Ricardo Brittania was his ancesotor after all.....

There is an alternative that presents itself. Boudica.
Originaly pronounced Boadicea 2000 years ago during her failed rebelion against the Romans.....
Didn't CC say it was a strange pronounciation?

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