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Had begun to read this from chapter...5 or 6 ? I almost threw up because of how hellish this manga is compared from what other manga that I've read recently, but then it starts to grow on me

Maybe I should just give this manga a try from chapter 1 and see what will become of this..

At last I've finished reading it...
By the way, do you think this titan behavior is rather..strange?

It's in chapter 9, page 11....
We already know that those titan will not bother other lifeforms other than human...but then, the teacher in one of the chapter state that those titans don't attack human to feed themselves, but to slaughter them. Which brings me to a question, what kind of food that they actually eat for their nourishment? While looking at that picture where a titan eat the pillar...can we presume that wood (or whatever that pillar are made of) is their food?

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