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Originally Posted by Aquaman OS View Post what's the point? Obviously they aren't going for Genocide end, but as far as I'm concerned peace will be empty, because all the named Vegans are dead except the one guy who's been frozen hasn't spoken and I could care less about. So the faceless masses survived. Who cares? You aren't supposed to care about them.

God damn it. Destiny dropped the ball, Geass dropped the ball, 00 dropped the ball, and Age dropped the ball. Can they just not do mecha right anymore?
Whoa whoa whoa say what you want but I think Geass and 00 turned out fine or at least were consistent with what they were aiming for.

Geass - Lelouch paid the price for what he did to people and so do Suzaku (granted the others got off but hey). In the end they achieved what they both set out to do since eps 1

00 - Aside from the movie they ended up readying humanity for the incoming alien invasion which they set out to do. In any case I'd say they were paced out alright.

AGE....they're just throwing things all over the place.

I mean the women are treated very poorly and we get characters that serve absolutely no purpose to the plot....on that matter what was the whole point of Zanald's character or even Leglis?

Heck what was the point of some of the Vagan MS to begin with?
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