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Was Chise already a weapon prior to the beginning of the story, though her weapon core remaining dormant for a period of inactivity until her physical body reached a reasonable growth?

Remember in episode one when at night Shuji told Chise to meet him the same place for school. Shuji leaves, then Chise goes walking home unawared that three strangers (military) followed her afterwards.

Next morning during break, Shuji is at school's roof and Chise comes having brought juice packs. Shuji inquiries about the bandages below her knees.

Think rationally and make use of common sense.

If the JSDF turned Chise into the ultimate weapon, then how the whole bio-mechanical and surgical process took them only a single night?

Would that had taken them weeks or even months?

And how come Chise unexpectedly was chosen among all girls in town to become said weapon? coincidence, perhaps?
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