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seems like i watched this a bit late.. personally i have decent amount of feeling in the tetsu scene and the ending. the part where tetsu is dying and crying seems pretty real to me.. and he tells chise to kill him but she can't do it.. loved that part. she has just vaporized 3 soldiers just outside the door.. and suddenly she is asked to comfort a dying person.. great contrast there. and the ending.. it's a decent ending in that 1. there is a decent amount of emotions 2. it's not a complete closure.. gives us some room for guessing.

is there any stuff like an interview or some official release regarding the ending tho? as much as I like to think about it, I would like to know what the real answer is. During the ending scene while Shuji is having these hallucinations the anime flashes from his fake world back to the real world where everything is grey and there is no Chise.. so from that point of view I think Shuji is indeed alive in physical form.. otherwise there is no point for the anime flashing us the reality. But if you watch closely just before the tsunami hits Shuji, when Chise tries to block the water with her body, she actually fails. Her body just shatters into part and it is shown that Shuji is swallowed by the tsunami. So.. if you see it from this piont of view.. Shuji can't be alive. Therefore I can't really conclude what really happens in the end.

Overall.. in terms of making me feel really bad over a certain period of time.. saikano certainly doesn't beat eva and haibane renmei. But again I really love the Tetsu's death part. You know what.. I think saikano would actually be 2x better if Chise is forced from time to time to fight her enemies with melee. the white light vaporization thing just gets repetitive and boring. If she could kill enemies with her bare hands and butcher them and stuff it'll add so much to this contrasting feeling thing the anime's trying to express. LOL extremity ftw
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