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...well...i think a part of my soul has just died

i knew from its reputation that it is a good tragic story...and i have to agree ~ and i finally got around to watching it...

wow...even though it shows some extremes into war on the whole its pretty realistic...people die and get hurt just the same minute you are there and the next you could be blown to pieces...such cruelty

i duno what to think now...i still need time for it to sink in what just i take it that chise brought about the apocalypse except for shuji ~ so hes living in a dream together with its really painful that they know that its a dream as well...watching shuji patting thin air hurts >.< but i guess thats a small miracle has spwned from their love...

i could feel the pain that shuji must have had to see his friends die one by one...the feeling of being unable to do anything must have suxed...

overall its pretty complex...but still the true ending is there...all they needed was love ~

i blame those stupid humans...whats with the whole war? seriously their brains must be non have a war that pushed in into an apocalypse is just stupid...and to think...that they can actually win against chise...fools T_T

seriously if you think about WW2 and think about the A-bomb i can imagine chise being compared to dont see the japs continue fighting with the A-bomb blew up a whole should know when to quit and just surrender to the consequences...way better than going head first into a lose-lose situation...

ahh well...i must again say that this is a really good classic tale of love and getting that feeling again where a hammer has just whacked you on the chest...and i know...time heals all wounds *cheers to chise and shuji!*

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