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Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
Well, that's probably because you got too much information. The same happened to me and KGNE. I've heard all sorts of things, I was expecting pure dramatic genius and although I could see how dramatic things really were, I wasn't touched that much when watching it.

I don't remember what I had heard about Saikano prior to watching it, but all sorts of emotions came up when I was watching, mainly frustration at the characters (in the sense of "WTH are you doing?!"). It was so terribly depressing that I haven't watched it ever since (like an eroge I played some years ago, for the same reasons).

Of course, people are different anyway, so, unless someone comes out and says that the whole things was utter crap (which wasn't), I can understand the different views. Although I must admit, I was put off by the animation that I closed ep 1 after 10 secs and some time passed before I decided to watch the whole series
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